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Why Mexico Excites Billionaire Carlos Slim I CNBC

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(First published by CNBC)

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT COURTESY OF CNBC: Michelle Caruso-Cabrera sat down with Carlos Slim, Mexican billion air and tycoon. She joins us now from mexico city. Michelle? Hey there, Melissa. when i spoke with Carlos Slim, a big investor and has been investing in Mexico a long time, but he invests all over the world what. part of the world excites you the most right now? I couldn't even get the question out, and he said immediately Mexico. Why? Because he says there's big potential here. We have a great potential because we have a healthy economy, healthy financial system, healthy public finance, a lot of products to do and products that should be very interesting. Reporter: healthy public finance in Mexico. There was a time when you could not say that, so that's a big dramatic change for Mexico over the last 20 or 30 years. Remember, Carlos Slim has a big vested interest in Mexico. We talked so much about America movile which trades at the American stock exchange at ADR. But he has seven companies in Mexico, real estate companies, holding companies, drill companies, a restaurant chain and sears in it. It goes on and on, a financial company as well. When you look at just the dividends he gets from the number of shares he controlled in all of those publicly traded companies, it's half a billion U.S. I said originally $3 billion. did a pad calculation, thinking in paceos, not dollars but half a billion in revenue from his mexican dividends, Melissa, so he wants to see the mexican economy do quite well. Thanks for that. Read the complete video transcript by clicking here.